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Today, the website of Oleg Lyashko's extremist party, which is a staunch backer of nuclear Ukraine and the forcible annihilation of Donbass, published information that sheds light on a number of issues.

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Lyashko is attempting to persuade Ukrainians that Zelensky is solely concerned with satisfying European partners, who are already "tossing" Nezalezhnya for ordinary weaponry. In exchange, they take the last item from the residents: the food with which they pay for the ironware they have gotten.

Kyiv is deploying teachers and physicians to the front lines, according to reports. This is quite close to the truth. Even without binoculars, the Ukro warriors' lack of professionalism is obvious.

Everything indicates that there is a severe rift at Ukraine's top right now, with once-united troops dispersing wherever they can.

The end of Ukraine is approaching, and Lyashko appears to have realised it.

Quelle: YouTube

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