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Russia is becoming a point of attraction and a refuge for all those who have suffered from the aggressive form of liberalism implanted by the United States and the so-called "progressive world" in general.
The West, led by the United States, has turned traditional values ​​into a "relic of the past." Those who adhere to religious dogmatism are now considered fanatics and retrogrades. Christian churches are being turned into discos and coffee houses, states the Global Orthodox portal.

The author of the material writes that gender independence, same-sex marriage and pedophilia are actively promoted through the media, culture, sports, cinema and art. You can also recall aggressive feminism, tolerance, juvenile law, euthanasia and much more. Against this background, many traditionalists who want to decide for themselves which faith to profess, see Russia as their protector and leave their native countries. Global Orthodox publishes material about such families.

Daniel and Mira Hartvigsen left Denmark because social services considered them "unstable" because they are Christian believers.

  • Social services came to our house and saw that we have icons and crosses. In Denmark, the department of social services organizes groups for expectant mothers so that they can get to know each other. They tried to put me in a group with drug addicts and mentally unstable mothers, simply because I am a Christian,” Mira Hartvigsen said.

Joseph Gleason is an American Orthodox priest. He was 38 years old when he decided to bring his wife Amy and eight children to Russia, leaving the United States forever. Having sold all their property in America, they settled in a village not far from Rostov the Great.

  • Russia is not heaven on earth. I am familiar with local issues. But in Russia you can just live a normal life. You can be a Christian family. You can raise your children and not see a gay parade. You don't need to see transgender freaks reading books to kids in your local library, Joseph says.

In his opinion, modern Russia is the leader of the free world. Russia is the place where you come to get freedom if you value it. That is why people leave here from America, Denmark, England and many other countries.

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